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Beneficiary Rural Church


Worawora church of Christ is located in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region of Ghana.

The church was established by Mr. Gyamasi, who is currently an Elder at Ho church of Christ. And was later handed over to preacher Andrews Horlali in the year 2014.

The church started with a membership of twenty-five (25) people.

Currently, the church has an average membership of around fifty (50) of which twenty (20) are men, fifteen (15) are women and twenty (20) are children.

The church has a permanent place of worship. We have managed to put up a structure where we fellowship.

The weekly giving of the church on Sundays is around GHC60.00

Most of the youth have left for the cities to seek green pastures. This phenomenon of continuous migration of the youth to the cities is affecting the growth of the church.

My name is Thomas Hubban, aged fifty-eight (58), with five (5) children. I am the preacher for Worawora church of Christ since 2006.

The financial position of the church is very weak and therefore they are unable to support the preacher financially.  This is why I applied for support from RGM.

I have been on Rescue Ghana Mission (RGM) support for about three (3) years and I have been receiving monthly top-up allowance which supports me as I lead the church in such a poor and deprived community.

I appreciate the support I receive from the RGM monthly, without it things would have been very difficult for me and my family.

I will like to thank the managers of Rescue Ghana Mission for such this initiative and more especially to those who donate in cash and kind to support rural preachers like me.

God bless you.



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